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Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning

Introducing our non-anesthetic dental cleaning service for dogs, designed to revolutionize your pet’s oral hygiene routine. With a stress-free experience at the core, our procedure prioritizes your dog’s comfort and safety while offering affordable dental care solutions.

 Periodontal disease, often stemming from plaque buildup and calculus formation, poses a significant risk to your pet’s dental health. Our qualified and certified personnel are equipped with the expertise to address this concern effectively. Throughout the 60-minute process, our team ensures a meticulous cleaning, focusing on the prevention of periodontal issues.

"Experience the difference with our comprehensive approach to dog teeth cleaning"

Beyond the service, we advocate for proactive home care measures to maintain your pet’s dental well-being. From regular tooth brushing to specialized dental treats and toys, we empower pet owners with the tools to safeguard their furry friends’ smiles. Experience the difference with our comprehensive approach to dog teeth cleaning, where your pet’s safety and satisfaction remain our top priorities.


  • $160 small dogs (dogs under 14 lbs)
  • $180 small/medium dog (dogs under 30 lbs)
  • $200 medium dogs (under 50 lbs)
  • $230 large dogs (under 70 lbs)

Requires a $50 deposit at time of appointment.

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